NXPadel Mobile Court Systems
Mobile Fibreglass Padel Courts - Anywhere!

Welcome to Quickpadel®, where we’re changing the game with our revolutionary partnership with NXPadel and our state-of-the-art Fiberglass Padel Courts. Our mobile Padle courts are designed to be the ultimate solution for your needs, whether it’s for a temporary event, a seasonal padel club, or a hassle-free installation process.

NXPadel Mobile Court Systems

Our Fiberglass Padel Courts are not just about convenience; they embody playability, safety, and technical excellence. By bypassing lengthy bureaucratic processes typically associated with building permits, our courts offer quick installations without compromising on quality.

What makes our Mobile Fiberglass Padel Courts stand out is their unique construction. Each court features a special system of black galvanized iron plates with 336kg counterweights, ensuring optimal balance and stability. Our ZeroS mat Stick-on System further enhances installation efficiency, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly in a matter of hours rather than days.

For the base, we utilize sandblasted concrete plates that provide a uniform surface and consistent bounce, all while minimizing bureaucratic hurdles. These technological innovations come together to optimize space, weight, and installation processes, making our mobile padel courts the top choice for pop-up events, tournaments, or clubs seeking a non-permanent option.

NXPadel Mobile Fibreglass Court Options
Above: NXPadel N1 (Panoramic) – Double Mobile Court System – Available in Midnight and Sunset
Above: NXPadel N1A (Standard) – Double Mobile Court System – Available in Midnight and Sunset
Above: NXPadel N1s (Panoramic) – Single Mobile Court System – Available in Midnight and Sunset
Above: NXPadel N1As (Standard) – Single Mobile Court System – Available in Midnight and Sunset

Our padel courts cater to various applications, including:

  • Club Tennis/Sports Clubs: Convert underutilized tennis courts into vibrant padel courts to attract new interest and engagement.
  • Private/Residential: Experience the excitement of padel right in your backyard with our private residential court solutions.
  • Educational and Sports Institutions: Introduce new members to the world’s fastest-growing racket sport in a fun and engaging way.

Now, let’s talk about why clubs should consider choosing our portable system:

  • Flexibility: Portable padel courts offer unmatched flexibility, allowing you to host tournaments and events in a variety of locations, be it a beachside tournament, a rooftop event, or a park gathering.
  • Ease of Setup: With our NXPadel portable courts, setup is a breeze, eliminating the need for extensive anchoring or groundwork and allowing you to focus on organizing a successful event.
  • Enhanced Experience: Our portable courts meet professional standards, ensuring top-notch performance and playability for a successful and enjoyable event.
  • Attractiveness to Players: Hosting events on portable courts can attract a wider range of players, enriching the competitive spirit of your tournament.
  • Scalability: Our portable solution can accommodate your requirements seamlessly, whether you need a single court or multiple courts for simultaneous matches.
mobile Padel courts

By choosing Quick Padel’s portable solution, you not only ensure a smooth setup but also elevate the overall quality and appeal of your padel tournaments. Join us in embracing the future of padel with Quick Padel and NXPadel. Let’s redefine convenience, quality, and performance together!