Precision, Expertise & Safety

Planning Process Management

  • Manage the entire planning process, overseeing tasks such as designs, CADs (Computer-Aided Designs), noise assessments, light assessments, and any other requirements for regulatory compliance prior to the Padle court installation itself.

Onsite Facilities and Safety Measures

At Quickpadel, safety is paramount. To alleviate the CDM 2015 pressure from our clients, we offer comprehensive services as both Principal Designer and Principal Contractor. This means we take full responsibility for coordinating health and safety aspects throughout the project, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

  • Set up onsite welfare facilities for the construction team.
  • Install safety fencing to secure the construction area.
  • Provide site supervision to ensure adherence to safety protocols.
  • Ensure all necessary insurances are in place to cover potential risks during construction.

Excavation and Site Preparation

  • Excavate the topsoil and remove it from the site.
  • Conduct any necessary levelling, cut and fill operations as required for proper court elevation.
  • Trenching may be required for electrical mains cable installation, ensuring the court is equipped with the necessary power sources.

Trench Installation

  • Begin by installing a trench from the canopy perimeter to the outfall. This trench is crucial for drainage purposes, ensuring proper water runoff and preventing waterlogging on the court.

Reinforced Concrete Ringbeam

  • Construct a robust 400mm x 400mm reinforced concrete ringbeam around the court.
  • This involves saw-cutting the designated area, excavating trenches, creating shuttering for the ring beam, and finally, pouring concrete with reinforcing mesh for added strength.

Concrete Pad Construction

  • Build concrete pads as required for the installation of the court’s canopy.
  • These pads provide a stable foundation for the canopy structure.

Macadam Base Construction

  • Construct a durable base by laying 40mm of 20mm open macadam. This serves as a solid foundation for the Padel Court installation.
  • Add a 25mm layer of 6mm topping to provide a smooth and even playing surface.

Dress Court Surrounding

  • Complete the construction process by dressing the court surroundings.
  • This may involve landscaping, adding finishing touches, and ensuring the entire area around the court is aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Throughout each step, comprehensive project management is crucial to coordinate various tasks, maintain quality standards, and ensure the successful completion of the Padel Court construction project.

Bespoke Maintenance Packages

We understand that maintaining your padel courts is essential for optimal performance and longevity. That’s why we offer bespoke tailored maintenance packages to suit your specific requirements. Whether you need regular inspections, surface repairs, or comprehensive servicing, we’ve got you covered.

Refurbishment of Existing Court Surfaces

Is your existing padel court surface showing signs of wear and tear? Our refurbishment services can breathe new life into your court, enhancing its appearance, performance, and safety. From resurfacing, we’ll revitalise your court to its former glory.